[Wanderer] Career - Warriors

Here are working notes on Wanderer's Warriors career path. Feel free to add feedback (constructive criticism is appreciated; flaming will getcha baned!).

Characters are created using the same outline as in Traveller Book 1, Characters and Combat. There are a number of cascade skills (which are documented), as well as the basics for skill accumulation and mustering out. As previously stated, the "default setting" described by these careers will be documented in a different post. Trust me; this initial Kingdom will have many similarities to those who have read the world's most popular roleplaying game.
Enlistment 5+ (DM +1 if End 9+, DM +2 if Str 10+)
Survival   6+ (DM +2 if Str 9+)
Commission 6+ (DM +1 if Str 10+)
Promotion  8+ (DM +1 if Int 8+)
Re-enlist  5+ (On a 12 the character must serve another term.)

  Table    Personal     Service                     Advanced
   of      Development  Skills        Education     Education Table
  Ranks    Table        Table         Table         (Edu 8+ only)
1          +1 Str       Transport     Armed Combat  Healing
2 Fighter  +1 Dex       Armed Combat  Barfly        Tactics
3          +1 End       Armed Combat  Recon         Survival
4 Hero     +1 End       Transport     Tactics       Navigation
5          +1 Dex       Athletics     Warcraft      Warcraft
6          +1 Str       Healing       Leader        Instruction

Rank and Service Skills
Warrior         - Armed Combat-1
Warrior Fighter - Tactics-1
Warrior Hero    - +1 Soc (or Soc 8, whichever is greater)

Skill Eligibility
Initial Term of Service - 2
Each Subsequent Term - 1
Upon Commission - 1
Upon Promotion - 1

Muster-Out Benefits
Per Term of Service 1
Rank 1 or 2 - 1
Rank 3 or 4 - 2
Rank 5 or 6 - 3
(Benefits Table: DM +1 if rank 5+)
(Cash Table: DM +1 if Gambling 1+)

  Benefits      Cash Table
   Table        (in Shields)
1 Weapon              50
2 Weapon             200
3 Fetish            1000
4 Weapon            2000
5 Armor             2000
6 +1 Str            5000
7 Enchantment      10000
Amounts on the Cash Table are in Shields (Sh). No more than three rolls may be made on the Cash Table.

Cascade Skills
Armed Combat - Provides a choice among any melee or missile weapon.

Barfly - This represents skills picked up during downtime for the soldiers and mercenaries who walk the Warrior path. Choose between Brawling, Carousing, or Gambling.

Transport - Warriors are moved where they are needed, and this cascade skill allows the character access to the skills of Boating, Driving, Equestrian, and Seacraft.

Warcraft - Choose between any melee or missile weapon, Armor, Tactics, or Leader.

Monetary Standard
The setting uses a silver standard for their coins. There are many different types of coins used by the burgeoning Kingdoms of the Empire, plus all the coins and metallic shards found in the ruins they have explored. The Empire's coins, in order from least to most valuable, are:
  • Cords (Brass coins with a hole through them for stringing onto cords)
  • Pots (Copper coins) 1 = 10 Cords
  • Shields (Silver coins with livery from Kingdom of issuance) 1 = 10 Pots
  • Helms (Gold coins with an image of the capital's keep from Kingdom of issuance) 1 = 10 Shields
  • Spears (Thin gold bar with notch on one end. Sovereign's name of Kingdom of issuance along non-notched side.) 1 = 15 Shields
  • Pikes (Thin electrum bar with notch on one end. Sovereign's name of Kingdom of issuance along non-notched side.) 1 = 10 Helms
  • Knights (Thin platinum bar with two notches on one end. Emperor's name along non-notched side.) 1 = 5 Pikes
  • Lords (Platinum bar with two notches on one end. Emperor's name along non-notched side.) 1 = 3 Knights
Material Benefits
Weapon benefits must be declared by type immediately; additional benefits of Weapon may be taken as skill in a weapon of the type previously taken.

Fetish benefits represent one-shot magic items, such as potions, scrolls, woad, etc.  Fetishes may be taken as often as rolled.

Armor benefit grants the warrior a personal suit of armor according to their final rank:
Warrior - Studded Leather Curiass and Trews, leather padded Cap
Warrior Fighter - Banded Mail Curiass and Studded Leather Trews, leather padded Cap
Warrior Hero - Chainmail Shirt and Hood, Studded Leather Trews, Open Helm

Enchantment benefit provides the warrior with a permanently ensorcelled item. Additional occurrences of Enchantment are treated as no benefit.

Edit 2010-08-04 - formatting shift, changed the Knights money from a coin to the bar it was supposed to be.