[IMCotD] - Steampunk Edition

IM Conversations of the Damned

(9:10:45 AM) Kevin: Next on a special episode of Steampunky Brewster -- she crashes her Zeppelin into the Royal Naval Base.
(9:11:20 AM) Gerall: Oh Punky!
(9:11:52 AM) Kevin: I want to watch this show!
(9:12:33 AM) Gerall: It was obviously the Rocket Nazis which caused the Zeppelin issue...
(9:12:49 AM) Kevin: Or the Gorillas.
(9:13:24 AM) GK: Oooh - Gorilla Scientists from the Darkest Congo!!
(9:13:30 AM) Kevin: Yes!
(9:15:16 AM) Gerall: They're actually here to help Steampunky fight the Rocket Nazis, but noone speaks their language...
(9:15:50 AM) Gerall: Good thing the royal naval base has a world-class translator!!
(9:16:13 AM) Gerall: Then we discover that the Gorillas aren't native to Earth; but Venus!
(9:16:36 AM) Kevin: Oh, man. get your mind back to Wanderer. :)