[Wanderer] beginning Careers section

It is good to be done with the Introduction for Wanderer. Now, on to the hard work.

Careers are the meat-and-potatoes of setting definition for Classic Traveller. The first three LBBs defined the Vilani Imperium as the default setting. More interestingly, they accomplished this without broadcasting the fact. This allowed Referees to customize their setting if they wanted, stretching and warping the Vilani into their own interesting culture. Capturing the initial flash and impression of a specific culture without over-investing in a specific setting is going to be an interesting challenge.

My initial inspiration was to create a slightly modified system which used a "zero term" to define an initial culture. Leads to alternate careers could be embedded in a kingdom, allowing writers to proscribe some choices and make others more common by tweaking the enlistment requirement down or similar. Taking this "zero term" into account would, of course, push back the starting age of characters. Unless we tweak the number of skills which are common to characters...

...and so the inevitable mutation of my initial charge progressed. At least until Kevin reminded me of our purpose and drive: To use the stock system from Classic Traveller to implement a Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

Needless to say, I'm back on track now with the core rules as a reference. Our Wanderer is not a line-by-line transformation of Traveller. It is a game unto itself, that follows as closely as possible the design of its ancestor to give gamers the same quality tool kit they got when they picked up the original.

Good thing I'm not writing in a vaccuum. Thanks, Kevin!