My Roasted Pepper Hummus Recipe

This is the average of about four different recipes I found online, and I enjoyed making it quite a lot. Simple to prepare, the hardest part was washing out the blender after using it!

Flash 64-bit on Squeeze

As root, give these commands a go:

# apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree
# aptitude purge gnash browser-plugin-gnash
# update-flashplugin-nonfree --install

close all browser windows

# ldconfig -v

fire up your browser and give flash a shot...

Squeeze to Sid- Avoiding Dependency Issues

Having committed to the Google ecosystem for many computing needs, I am free to put whatever OS I want on my personal laptop. I'm a serious Debian fan from way back, so I thought I'd give the unstable branch of that distribution a try. However, the testing version of the Debian GNU/Linux system is currently in the midst of some big changes... GCC and libc6 are both under the knife for wheezy and sid.

If you do the normal procedure for installing then moving to unstable, you'll have a mess of dependencies waiting to thwart your triumphant booting of GNOME 3. Here's the short version of how I got beyond the issues and got a Debian sid install working.