[Wanderer] Career - Nobles

Nobles are the social backbone of the Empire. They are the elite, charged by their Sovereigns and the Emperor himself with responsibility for the peoples and settlements of the bonded Kingdoms. Each kingdom might have different titles based on their traditions, but the Emperor has clearly outlined expected behavior for those claiming noble status.

This may seem a little different from the Classic Traveller version of the noble, but it is the one career that knits Wanderer's default setting together.


[WWIR] DnD4e - Good Bugs Hunting

What Would I Run? - Dark Sun
I just got my hands on the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition Dark Sun setting. As a fan of the previous versions of this world, I have to say I'm impressed with the current iteration. Keeping true to the feel of the original and incorporating 4e-specifics like the Dragonborn and Eladrin was done elegantly. The art is really nice. Write-ups for some of the major powers in the world in the back of the bestiary brought a ton of memories flooding back.

So, of course, I'm riding high on the wave of creativity evoked by these reading-marathons.

Ergo this post: What would I run using the new Dark Sun?

Short answer: The PCs would be part of an all thri-kreen group representing a wild clutch in the wastes. For further details, read more after the break...


[WFRP3] The Gem of Aquos - Advanced Actions

By Kevin Morrell (aka KK the Splash)

This is the second part of the Gem of Aquos series. In the previous article I listed the Basic Actions that come with being the Master of Aquos. In this part I discuss the Advanced Actions that can be learned to control Aquos. These Actions increase the power and flexibility of Aquos as a damage-dealer and healer.

Each Action listed below must be purchased normally through the advancement process of your current career. Some of these Actions are used by Aquos and some are used by his master, but all must be purchased by the owner of the Gem in order to be available for use.

Here is a pdf with all the cards in this article suitable for printing.


[IMCotD] Dralasites and Shoggoths

(2:12:09 PM) Kevin: wait, Dralasites don't have ribs...
(2:12:24 PM) Gerall: them and Shoggoths...
(2:12:41 PM) Kevin: which are you, then?
(2:13:26 PM) Gerall: you know that Dralasites are just the larval form, right?
(2:13:42 PM) Kevin: OMG. that explains a lot.
(2:13:48 PM) Gerall: dunnit?
(2:14:13 PM) Kevin: I just lost 10 SAN.
(2:14:23 PM) Kevin: but gained 5% in Mythos.