[Wanderer] Career - Nobles

Nobles are the social backbone of the Empire. They are the elite, charged by their Sovereigns and the Emperor himself with responsibility for the peoples and settlements of the bonded Kingdoms. Each kingdom might have different titles based on their traditions, but the Emperor has clearly outlined expected behavior for those claiming noble status.

This may seem a little different from the Classic Traveller version of the noble, but it is the one career that knits Wanderer's default setting together.
Characters with a Social Standing higher than 10 may choose not take terms in the Noble career. If they do want terms in Noble, they are assumed to have either gained the attention of their local Sovereign by their acts or volunteered for duty. Either way they are given responsibilities for the commoners that surround them.

Enlistment: Special (Characters are automatically nobles if they have Soc 10+)
Survival:   3+
Commission: 5+      (DM +1 if Edu 9+)
Promotion:  11+     (DM +1 if Int 10+)
Re-enlist:  4+

  Table      Personal      Service              Advanced
   of        Development   Skills     Education Education Table
  Ranks      Table         Table      Table     (Edu 8+ only)
1 B Knight   +1 Str        Transport  Peerage   Healing
2 C Baronet  +1 Dex        Armor      Leader    Art
3 D Baron    +1 End        Lore       Lore      Tactics
4 E Viscount +1 Int        Navigation Tactics   Lore
5 F Count    +1 Edu        J-o-A-T    Warcraft  +1 Aura
6            Armed Combat  Healing    Lore      Instruction

Rank and Service Skills
Noble - Armed Combat-1
Noble - Law-1

Skill Eligibility
Initial Term of Service - 2
Each Subsequent Term - 1
Upon Commission - 1
Upon Promotion - 1

Muster-Out Benefits
Per Term of Service 1
Rank 1 or 2 - 1
Rank 3 or 4 - 2
Rank 5 or 6 - 3
(Benefits Table: DM +1 if rank 5+)
(Cash Table: DM +1 if Gambling 1+)

  Benefits             Cash Table
   Table               (in Shields)
1 Fetish                 10000
2 Weapon                 50000
3 Armor                  50000
4 Fetish                100000
5 Enchantment           100000
6 +1 to any Attribute   100000
7 Enchantment           200000

Amounts on the Cash Table are in Shields (Sh). No more than three rolls may be made on the Cash Table.

Cascade Skills
  • Armed Combat - Provides a choice among any melee or missile weapon.
  • Art - A specific medium or expression should be chosen. Haiku, Watercolors, Sculpting, Woodcarving, Sonnets, Weaving, etc.
  • Lore - Nobles are required to be knowledgeable about the areas and peoples they are responsible for. Animals, Nature, Theology, Law, Peerage, Metaphysics, Demons, Geography, Alchemy, etc.
  • Transport - Warriors are moved where they are needed, and this cascade skill allows the character access to the skills of Boating, Driving, Equestrian, and Seacraft.
  • Warcraft - Choose between any melee or missile weapon, Armor, Tactics, or Leader.
Social Standing as Rank
In the default Kingdom of the setting, social standing grants these titles to those who wish them. Note that claiming said title will bring with it the expected levels of responsibility...

10 - Squire
11 - Knight
12 - Baronet
13 - Baron
14 - Viscount
15 - Count
16 - Margrave
17 - Duke
18 - Elector
19 - Archduke
20 - Grand Duke
21 - King

The default Kingdom is egalitarian, and enjoys sexual equality. Note that these are the masculine forms of titles. Women who possess these titles will hold the feminine form of the title.

Material Benefits
  • Weapon benefits must be declared by type immediately; additional benefits of Weapon may be taken as skill in a weapon of the type previously taken.
  • Fetish benefits represent one-shot magic items, such as potions, scrolls, woad, etc. Fetishes may be taken as often as rolled.
  • Armor benefit grants the character a personal suit of armor. Nobles are outfitted with any armor they desire.
  • Enchantment benefit provides the character with a permanently ensorcelled item. Additional occurrences of Enchantment are treated as no benefit.