[WFRP3] The Gem of Aquos - Advanced Actions

By Kevin Morrell (aka KK the Splash)

This is the second part of the Gem of Aquos series. In the previous article I listed the Basic Actions that come with being the Master of Aquos. In this part I discuss the Advanced Actions that can be learned to control Aquos. These Actions increase the power and flexibility of Aquos as a damage-dealer and healer.

Each Action listed below must be purchased normally through the advancement process of your current career. Some of these Actions are used by Aquos and some are used by his master, but all must be purchased by the owner of the Gem in order to be available for use.

Here is a pdf with all the cards in this article suitable for printing.

Empower Aquos: This spell is used the by Master to extend the duration of Aquos' summoning. It has a minor side effect of healing Aquos.

Strengthen Aquos:
This Action increases Aquos' combat effectiveness: Aggression, Cunning, and Expertise.

Rage/Serenity of Aquos:
Aquos can change his mood quickly. One effect is to alter is combat Stance drastically. The change also can grant some other benefits in the process.

Aquos Hateful/Cleansing: Aquos can use his wrath or compassion to his advantage. This paired set can either heal his allies or wreak havoc on his enemies' sanity.

Waterspout: By spinning himself, Aquos can attack multiple foes.

Wave of Water: Aquos can use this Action to quickly engage enemies and attack simultaneously.

Blast of Aquos:
This is Aquos' main ranged attack.

Watery Grave: By plunging himself on the enemy, Aquos can deal great damage at the expense of causing himself to be dismissed.

The next installment will be the Knowledge of Aquos: water spells!

Note: These cards were created with the Strange Eons software which can be found at Strange Eons Downloads. You will need the following plug-in files installed as well: w3e.seetx by Hurlanc and wfrp3_adds.seetx.