[Wanderer] RPG.net Swords and Sorcery thread

It would appear that the urge to use the simple Traveller-style RPG system for a more . . . fantastical setting is common. Witness this thread over on RPG.net. These intrepid souls are using the Mongoose Traveller implementation for their base system.

Things haven't gotten too deep as yet, but they've got a focus and are getting things done.

So, in the immortal words of Doc Grognard, "...and three of us makes conspiracy!".


[Pathfinder] Sirrian's Tome of Changes

Sirrian Lightchaser’s Tome of Changes
Description- The Tome of Changes is a square, approximately three hand-spans on a side. Polished darkwood covers bind together one hundred and twenty pages of thin, strong paper. The covers of the Tome lay flat against its pages, with a strong set of metallic cords penetrating the darkwood and pages in a regular pattern creating the hinge which opens the book. Both the cording and the paper of the pages are unique, with each owner of the Tome researching their potential origin without success.
The Tome of Changes is unusual in that it appears to have started out as a working field-notebook, then evolved into a more serious record of Sirrian's development as a mage. Reflecting this, there are three distinct sections to the book. Each section is detailed below.


[IMCotD] Cultists Everywhere

(9:34:30 AM) Gerall: the number is from Madison
(9:35:15 AM) Kevin: yep.
(9:36:43 AM) Gerall: so, who is it if you know so much?
(9:37:11 AM) Kevin: that guy from the Jersey Shore reality show: The Situation. :D
(9:37:41 AM) Gerall: whew- i was worried it was coming out of Lovecraft country...
(9:38:02 AM) Kevin: dude, he's a cultist. I'M SURE OF IT!
(9:38:44 AM) Gerall: so, what you're typing is that's not a *real* 6-pack?
(9:39:13 AM) Kevin: it is most certainly not.
(9:40:02 AM) Gerall: ::shudder::


Under the Broken Moon

Session 1: Ariel's Plea

This past Saturday, me and three of my friends went to our FLGS to play the Gamma World-Thundarr mashup. I had a blast, and, from what my players said to me, they did too. We didn't get through the whole scenario I created, but we have only about an hour left to roleplay - two major encounters. Here's more detail on how the game went.