[Pathfinder] Sirrian's Tome of Changes

Sirrian Lightchaser’s Tome of Changes
Description- The Tome of Changes is a square, approximately three hand-spans on a side. Polished darkwood covers bind together one hundred and twenty pages of thin, strong paper. The covers of the Tome lay flat against its pages, with a strong set of metallic cords penetrating the darkwood and pages in a regular pattern creating the hinge which opens the book. Both the cording and the paper of the pages are unique, with each owner of the Tome researching their potential origin without success.
The Tome of Changes is unusual in that it appears to have started out as a working field-notebook, then evolved into a more serious record of Sirrian's development as a mage. Reflecting this, there are three distinct sections to the book. Each section is detailed below.
First Section- The first section of the Tome is read by opening the cover from right-to-left. Notes are written in Old Suel, with ink and water stains occasionally marring otherwise neat and orderly handwriting. This chapter consists of 31 pages of field-notes, research scribblings, random reminders in the margins, as well as these specific spells:
Level 2- Summon Monster II, Cat's Grace, Shatter, Make Whole, Knock, Alter Self
Level 3- Arcane Sight, Gaseous Form, Keen Edge, Magic Circle Against Evil, Sirrian's Brilliant Wings, Slow
Sirrian's Brilliant Wings
School- Transmutation; Level- sorcerer 4, wizard 3
Casting Time- 1 standard action; Components- V, S, F (a scale from a reptile)
Range- touch; Target- creature touched; Duration- 1 minute/level
Saving Throw- Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance- yes (harmless)
The subject of the spell gains a pair of gold dragon wings. With them, the subject may fly at a speed of 60 feet (or 40 feet if carrying more than a medium load, or wearing more than medium armor). It can ascend at a third speed and descend at double speed. Its maneuverability is Good.
Using the new wings requires only as much concentration as walking, which allows the character to cast and attack normally. The transformed subject may both charge and run, and may not carry more than its maximum load aloft (this amount includes armor).
The subject gains the ability to slap foes with their new wings, even when flying. Wing slam damage is based on Size of the subject, and the subject may only apply half their Strength modifier to the damage rolled. Small Sized creatures do 1d2 damage with a Wing Slap. Medium do 1d4 damage with a Wing Slap. Large do 1d6. Huge do 1d8. Should the subject be aloft when the spell's duration ends, they begin falling immediately as the wings used to maintain altitude no longer exist.
Odds and Ends
A mage who studies the pattern of the notes and works out the order in which they were entered (DC 18 Spellcraft check, DC 17 Craft (cyphers), or DC 15 Linguistics) will permanently gain a +2 bonus to their Spellcraft checks for identifying spells of the Transmutation school as though they were a Wizard specializing in the Transmutation School. They do not, however, gain the penalties for opposing schools.
Should the mage have Transmutation as an opposed school, the DC's listed above are raised by +4 each. Should they then make one of the connections, the character will gain a +5 bonus to their Spellcraft checks for identifying spells of the Transmutation school as they are cast, thus negating the penalty associated with having Transmutation as their opposed school.
Coven of Sublime Vapours- In this part of the spellbook, Sirrian makes several notes about a strange cult he encountered. They were a large group of humans and orc finding veneration of a Green Dragon / Basilisk hybrid. The longer they were exposed to the beast's vile exhalations, the further their physical transformations grew. Stony armored plates covered their skins, fangs elongated from mouths. Orcish followers developed venom sacks in their mouths.
The dragon hybrid itself had long ago solidified to the point that it was immobile. Destroying the beast and its followers was accomplished by dropping Stinking Cloud bombs into their center of worship and using siege tactics against the armored cultists as they fled. The Clan of Thurkalow (Dwur residents of the County of Ulek) helped Sirrian with the more martial aspects of the raid.
His Calm Stare- This strange church seemed to appear in the Free City in CY54, and its adherents would spend long hours in attentive contemplation of a statue. The device was a depiction of an yuan-ti abomination, coiled in repose with a single arm raised. Materially, it appears as a dull brown stone. Very hard, but polished to a high sheen. Followers of the Church of His Calm Stare slowly became less discriminate about their food; consuming rarer and rarer cuts of meat until finally they would chase animals in the street and take bites from them. Their speech became more sibilant, with elongated 'S' sounds and a droning cadence.
Finally, the City Guard was forced into action. They raided the Church grounds proper and removed the statue. Sirrian, in the form of a Suel fem, accompanied the Guard and records the location of where the statue was taken and stored. City Hall, 2nd sub-basement, Section 5, far left corner in the wooden crate that was built around it. The crate is labeled "Property of the City Guard", "DANGER", and has the number "RG100232-CY57".