[IMCotD] Cultists Everywhere

(9:34:30 AM) Gerall: the number is from Madison
(9:35:15 AM) Kevin: yep.
(9:36:43 AM) Gerall: so, who is it if you know so much?
(9:37:11 AM) Kevin: that guy from the Jersey Shore reality show: The Situation. :D
(9:37:41 AM) Gerall: whew- i was worried it was coming out of Lovecraft country...
(9:38:02 AM) Kevin: dude, he's a cultist. I'M SURE OF IT!
(9:38:44 AM) Gerall: so, what you're typing is that's not a *real* 6-pack?
(9:39:13 AM) Kevin: it is most certainly not.
(9:40:02 AM) Gerall: ::shudder::