[Comics] Dr. Strange's Villains, redesigned

There was once a time when Marvel's occult aspects were the only thing I was reading from the publisher. It appears difficult to maintain a magic meta-plot for any length of time, which is a real shame.

I *love* Marvel's Lovecraftian-influenced outer gods and parallel realms.

I should write down all the ideas I have for the Dr. Strange franchise and associated characters. Maybe someone could use them to re-invigorate this downtrodden milieu in the Mighty Marvel Manner?

Take a look at an artist's re-design of several of the Sorcerer Supreme's opponents. Beautiful work, thoughtfully designed, clearly implemented with engaging color schemes. W00t! It has my creative juices flowing, just looking at the sadistic looking Baron Mordo and the world-dwarfing Shuma-Gorath.

What in the world is the Dread Dormammu doing in that awesome armor?!?

Djinns and Shaitan and Efreeti, oh my!