[Wanderer] The Coiners' League

The Coiners' League

At the foundation of empire, three powerful guilds were fighting for dominance of the new political landscape. The Tal Oligarchy's sacred beggars, the Rumasquari Burgler Academy, and the Orim settled into an agreement where each formal member of an organization could seek protection (if not commiseration) with the others. This arrangement has become known as the Coiners' Pact.

The Coiners' League continues to provide a means for its members to train, organize, and hide from law enforcement personnel across the Empire. When forced to identify themselves, members of the constituent organizations actually prefer being referred to as Coiners, as this does not reveal anything about the country of origin or traditions that trained them. Training is still very region-dependent, with the guildhalls of individual traditions vetting new members, teaching their crafts, and enforcing their rules. Each cell, regardless of origin, must honor the League's Favors.

Each member in good standing holds Favors matching their rank within the organization.
  • Favor of Guard / The member may ask for help evading law enforcement.
  • Favor of Grace / Member may ask for hospitality from those of similar rank.
  • Favor of Guile / Member may call another into a potentially dangerous scheme.
  • Favor of Gear / Member can call upon another to use a single bit of kit or equipment in their cause.
Joining - The Commission roll documented in the basic Rogues career is the entry point into the Coiners. Thieves and scoundrels who fail to make commission are not recognized as Coiners, and in fact might find themselves underfoot if they're not careful.

Gaining Favors - The privileges listed above are not granted easily or without members proving themselves to the organization. To qualify for each of the Favors, a Coiner must grant that Favor to another. Given how most of the underlying sects of the League operate, individuals can expect to be asked for Favors aplenty. People who prove themselves competent will quickly generate contacts and influence. Those with less skill or expertise are expected to observe and learn from their betters, thus improving the entire organization.

Trades and Ranks
As with all endeavors, the League encourages specialization and focus in individuals and cooperation among members. Effective theft benefits all, so the saying goes. Toward this end, members can find their area of expertise using these specialized careers. Each Trade presents two new skill tables that the character may roll on for their career development.

Fence - Fences act as the interface between the final money and the Coiners who grab the goods. Often, Fences keep their membership in the League secret to protect their connections into normal society.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Liaison       Language
2 Broker        Evaluate
3 Evaluate      Lore
4 Disguise      Forgery
5 Broker        Liaison
6 Streetwise    J-o-A-T

Pen - lawyers, forgers, and process men, the Pens provide an interface to fooling the Law.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Evaluate      Lore
2 Forgery       Bribery
3 Carousing     Language
4 Language      +1 Int
5 Forgery       Liaison
6 Art           Art

Rough - bodyguards and bandits, Roughs supply muscle for the League.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Tactics       Leader
2 Armed Combat  Bribery
3 Barfly        Healing
4 Recon         Warcraft
5 Armor         +1 Edu
6 Transport     Stealth

Slight - those who practice the art of pickpocketing, disappearing into crowds, and covert reconnaisance.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Athletics     Instruction
2 Stealth       +1 Dex
3 Recon         Tactics
4 Survival      +1 Edu
5 Athletics     Recon
6 Thievery      Navigation

Tumbler - specialists with mechanical locks and traps, Tumblers provide a knowledgeable set of hands.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Evaluate      Broker
2 Traps         Instruction
3 Thievery      Lore
4 Locks         Forgery
5 Investigate   Streetwise
6 Recon         J-o-A-T

Turn - Turns concentrate on learning the aggressive use of body language and the confusing use of the spoken word. They are the face-men and seducers of the League.

                 Advanced Trade
  Trade Skills   Skills Table
  Table          (Edu 8+ only)
1 Carousing     Liaison
2 Intimidate    Bribery
3 Seduction     Lore
4 Influence     Forgery
5 Disguise      Liaison
6 Recon         J-o-A-T

Alternate Skill Tables
When Trades or Organizations give characters access to optional skill tables, the tables may be used in addition to the "stock" tables of their original Career. So, Rogues who are members of the Coiners' League (those who have passed the Coiners' Commission roll) are allowed to roll on any of the Skill Tables that they qualify for.

Changing Trades
Once a character enters a given Trade in the Coiners', it is assumed they linger there to specialize and develop their skills there. However, the character may change to another Trade under the right circumstances. Changing Trades involves finding someone in that trade to mentor the character; in the meta-game sense the player who wants to change his character this way must choose a known NPC the Narrator has in the destination Trade and then choose a Favor to owe them.

In the case that the Referee doesn't already have an appropriate NPC, the player and Referee can work together to create an NPC to mentor the character. The player's character must then owe a Favor to that NPC that the Narrator chooses.