[Wanderer] Career - Rogues

Among the peoples of the Empire, there is plenty of opportunity for illegal profit. There are innumerable practitioners of crime across the Kingdoms of the Empire, but the first and strongest organization to rise across multiple Kingdoms is known as the Coiners' League. Highly organized and focused, the Coiners keep their members ahead of each Sovereign's authorities.

Enlistment: 4+ (DM +1 if Soc 8-, DM +2 if Int 10+)
Survival:   7+ (DM +2 if Int 9+)
Commission: 7+ (DM +1 if Int 9+)
Promotion:  8+ (DM +1 if Int 8+, DM +2 if Soc 7-)
Re-enlist:  6+ (On a roll of 2, the character upsets the Coiners. On a 12, re-enlistment is mandatory.)

  Table      Personal   Service                  Advanced
   of       Development Skills       Education   Education Table
  Ranks       Table     Table          Table     (Edu 8+ only)
1 Cutpurse  +1 Int      Barfly       Streetwise  Bribery
2 Burglar   +1 Str      Armed Combat Forgery     Healing
3 Thief     +1 Dex      Stealth      Recon       Leader
4 Arm       +1 End      Transport    Carousing   Liaison
5 Hand      Sleight     +1 Edu       Thievery    Forgery
6 Master    Barfly      Thievery     Locks       Admin

Rank and Service Skills
Rogue: Thievery-1
Rogue Burglar: Streetwise-1
Rogue Master: Leader-1

Skill Eligibility
Initial Term of Service: 2
Each Subsequent Term: 1
Upon Commission: 1
Upon Promotion: 1

Muster-Out Benefits
Per term of service: 1
rank 1 or 2: 1
rank 3 or 4: 2
rank 5 or 6: 4
(Benefits Table: DM +1 if rank 4+)
(Cash Table: DM +1 if rank 5+, DM +1 if Gambling 1+)

  Benefits   Cash Table
   Table    (in Shields)
1 Weapon         200
2 +1 Soc        1000
3 False ID     10000
4 Tools        50000
5 Fetish      100000
6 +1 Dex      100000
7 Enchantment 150000

Cascade Skills
Armed Combat: Provides a choice among any melee or missile weapon.
BarflyBrawling, Carousing,  or Gambling.
TransportBoating, Driving, Equestrian, Seacraft
ThieveryLocks, Sleight, Stealth, Streetwise

Material Benefits
Weapon benefits must be declared by type immediately; additional benefits of Weapon may be taken as skill in a weapon of the type previously taken.

Fetish benefits represent one-shot magic items, such as potions, scrolls, woad, etc. Fetishes may be taken as often as rolled.

Tools benefit grants the rogue a set of professional implements according to their final rank:
Rogue Thief: Lock picks
Rogue Master: False ID

Enchantment benefit provides the character with a permanently ensorcelled item. Additional occurrences of Enchantment are treated as no benefit.