[WFRP3] The Gem of Aquos

By Kevin Morrell (aka KK the Splash)

I'm a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition. I've gamemastered a few sessions and love the dice mechanics combined with the action of the cards. My current adventure is based in Athel Loren, the great forest of the Asrai, the wood Elves. The party of four characters is made up of two Wood Elves, a Way Watcher and a Wardancer, and two High Elves, a Bright Wizard and a Sword Master. They have been inextricably embroiled in the return of Morghur the Master of Skulls, also called Cyanathair the Corruptor in the tongue of the Asrai.

They have recently found an ancient artifact dating back to the last appearance of the Chaos Lord in Athel Loren nearly 1000 years ago. Called the Gem of Aquos, it was an item created by Morghur to capture the immense power of an elven Water Master known as Aquos. His spirit bound in the Gem, Aquos served his new master, becoming spiteful, but still occasionally showing his famous compassion and calm.

Anyone who touches the Gem can become Aquos' new master. They must be trained in Channeling with Magical Sight allowing the new master to commune with Aquos' spirit to gain his insights into the magic of Water.

The first set of Action Cards are considered Basic and are thus granted to anyone who becomes Aquos' master. To be a worthy master, you must be trained in Channeling and make a successful Magical Sight check with a base Difficulty of 2 Challenge Dice. After that check, you must spend at least 5 hours with the Gem, pondering its magical nature and attuning its energies to your own. Once that is completed, you become the new master of the Gem of Aquos.

Below are descriptions and a low-res jpeg of the Basic Action Cards for the Gem of Aquos. Here is a pdf of all the cards suitable for printing.

Gem of Aquos Card: A short history and some rules for Elemental Stability. Also, it has a nice picture of Aquos in elemental form.
Small Water Elemental: This is the weakest incarnation of Aquos.
Medium Water Elemental: A more powerful version of an elemental.

Large Water Elemental: This is Aquos' natural form in his full glory and power.
Summon Aquos: This is the Action used to summon Aquos from his prison. It requires 3 Power to use and follows the normal rules for spells except that this Action is not technically a spell and does not require knowledge of Jade Order magic.

Maintain Stability: A wizard with his wits about him can help Aquos with Stability checks using this Action. It is a Reaction similar to Counterspell, adding Aquos bonus Fortune dice to his pool for Stability.
Watery Fist: This is Aquos' basic melee attack Action.
Haymaker: This is Aquos' more damaging basic attack.
Phase Shift: Aquos does not have normal armor, but can make weapons pass through him as a defense. This Action is a Reaction to any attack which threatens Aquos physically.

My next Aquos Blog post will be the Advanced Actions for the Gem. Stay tuned.

Note: These cards were created with the Strange Eons software which can be found at Strange Eons Downloads. You will need the following plug-in files installed as well: w3e.seetx by Hurlanc and wfrp3_adds.seetx.