[Pathfinder] New Poison - Pliancy

The Ebon Six enjoy a broad range of resources; including their own mad alchemist. Rhi is creative, brilliant, and exceptionally cruel. Raised in the nobility of the Yeomanry, Rhi's reputation was shattered when his cannibalistic appetites were revealed.

Type poison, ingested; Save Fortitude DC 22
Onset 1 minute; Frequency 1/minute for 3 minutes
Effect +1 point of Pliancy (see below); Cure 2 consecutive saves negates 1 point of Pliancy

For each point of Pliancy the character accumulates, the subject suffers a -1 to their saves on mind-affecting Enchantments (charm, compulsion), and Illusions (figment, glamer, pattern, phantasm). If the specifics of the Enchantment or Illusion does not expose the subject to immediate, noticeable danger the penalty is increased to -2 per point of Pliancy.

Rhi's Insanity
Born the sixth son of a low-caste Suel family, Rhi's fantastic mind became his family's hope for advancement in the hierarchical society of the Yeomanry. Trained extensively at the expense of his siblings, Rhi became an accomplished wizard and a creative alchemist. His fascination with drinking the blood of commoners was only discovered when one of his victims managed to escape from confinement while Rhi was entertaining leaders of state.

Pliancy is one of the concoctions Rhi distills to help woo potential victims; Ursht has discovered that the colorless, odorless fluid dramatically helps his meddling with the Yeomanry's nobles. In exchange for regular additions to his collection of commoners, Rhi keeps the Ebon Six supplied with enough Pliancy to host parties where the drinks and foods are powerfully tainted.