[Community] Stack Overflow for RPGs

For those who may not know (read: people who aren't software developers), there's a site online called Stack Overflow. It's designed to allow social interaction between community members. You ask questions, your community answers them. You have an answer, you can contribute to someone else's questions...

Quite an effective way of hearing from your peers about tools and processes in the industry.

Now, someone's taken the Stack Overflow software and created a site for paper-and-pencil / tabletop RPGs! I'm excited about its bright future, and will be signing up for membership as soon as this is posted. This site is still in beta as of this writing, meaning that the administrators are looking for a certain magic number of people to sign up for accounts before moving the site out of beta...

So PLEASE! If you're interested in seeing a community of gamers grow an archived collection of gaming lore, join and participate. Communities are only as interesting as their members.

Game design, rules questions, player strategies, shared NPCs... Mmmmm!