[Pathfinder] New Weapon Enchantment - Wrack

Wrack: When a wrack weapon inflicts any damage against the specified type of foe, the target must make a Fortitude save DC 15. If the victim fails the save, he is Staggered for 1d3 rounds as waves of pain course through him. Against the designated enemy type, the weapon's enhancement bonus is +1 better than its actual bonus.

Once affected by the wrack weapon, the victim may make a DC 15 Fortitude save (on his initiative) to completely break free of the effect. Only one wrack weapon can work on a victim at a time. To become vulnerable to it again, the current wrack weapon effect must end.

To randomly determine a weapon's designated foe, roll on the following table:

% / Designated Foe
01 - 05 / Aberrations
06 - 09 / Animals
10 - 16 / Constructs
17 - 22 / Dragons
23 - 27 / Fey
28 - 60 / Humanoids (choose one subtype)
61 - 65 / Magical beasts
66 - 70 / Monstrous humanoids
71 - 72 / Oozes
73 - 88 / Outsiders (pick one subtype)
89 - 90 / Plants
91 - 98 / Undead
99 - 00 / Vermin

Ursht's AngelHunter +2 Anarchic Good Outsider Wrack Spear
Ursht was born into the cult's highest echelons of power, and with good reason. Ursht's tiefling background is plentifully evident from his six-fingered hands, short horns, matte black skin, and long tail. The cult tells him his sire is Graz'zt, and surely this is proven truth when the great demon begins sending him visions. The visions lead him to AngelHunter, and also began his quest to destroy Viraniel (a powerful planetar divination-mage).

Ursht has spent his life, working toward the corruption and destruction of Viraniel's Pelor-centric church on Oerth. Ursht has also recently acquired a Torc of Nondetection, and thus is quickly becoming difficult for the Pelorian Church to track.

Ursht - sorcerer 5 / cleric 4 tiefling