[Traveller] Ship Design - Kha Class Strike Carrier

To help in writing Wanderer, I wanted to run some Classic Traveller and get my "combat legs" back for the system. Talking with my group, I found several were wanting to run a military game and tear things up with Gray Ops, Battle Dress-equipped Imperial Marines. Given the scenario-based game, I thought I'd indulge in some custom ship design and make the ship the center of the stories.
Players create the Carrier's crew and a full squad of Marines (3 full Fire Teams - 12 Marines). Each individual Marine and the crew of their Carrier would be available to play was a character. New marines (to replace casualties) would be rotated onto the carrier's roster as necessary. The ship was specifically designed to deploy fast, hit hard, and disappear when appropriate.

For all the gearheads out there, I'm implementing some deck plans (they'll be available here a little later). Here's the Imperial Database entry on the ship's class, plus the Classic Traveller High Guard stats for the beastie:

General Specifications
    Designed by the Imperial Navy at Gu Yards (Rhylanor/Spinward Marches) by Lt. Colonel Peiirkigki Kish. "Kha" is the Vilani word for "phantom" or "ghost", and each vessel takes the name of a kha from classical Vilani literature. The Kha class exists to perform counter-intelligence, reconaissance and other covert operations where deploying several fire teams of Marines should be accomplished with minimum profile. The strike carrier Ashagii is the latest unit built in the class.
    Governing tech level is 14, fitting a streamlined hull for atmospheric work.
    The ship is jump-3, maneuver-5, and power plant-7. The power plant provides 42 energy points. Fuel tankage stores 180 tons for jump fuel, and 42 tons to drive the power plant. The vessel has full functionality within atmosphere, and is equipped to skim for fuel and refine it. A bridge and a computer Model/3fib are installed.
    The Kha's hull fits armor of factor 8.
    Weaponry is installed in all 6 hardpoints as turrets, each as an independent battery. All batteries can bear on all targets. There are four single fusion gun turrets of factor 5 each, plus two factor 3 triple missile turrets.
    There are no discrete ship's vehicles, but the class mounts twelve launch bays for battle-dress grav-pod drop capsules. Marines step into the bay, are outfitted and available for drop.
    The crew numbers 13 (one Pilot, one Navigator / Captain, 5 Engineers, and 6 Gunners), plus 12 Marines, and requires one single occupancy stateroom and 12 double occupancy staterooms.
    A single cargo hold of 16 tons holds the munitions and equipment required for the vessel's designated operations.
    The ship has an agility of 5; its emergency agility is 6.

High Guard 2nd edition stats:
SC-954 Ashagii        SC-61357C2-800000-05003-0   MCr572.488   600 tons
 batteries bearing                       4  2                  Crew=13.
         batteries                       4  2                    TL=14.
Passengers=0. Low=12. Cargo=16. Fuel=202. EP=42. Agility=5. Marines=12.

Service History in the Spinward Marches
Number Name       Laid Down First Flight Base of Operations Status
SC-740 Ashaka     274-1004  290-1006     Rhylanor           lost
SC-742 Khigu      286-1004  300-1006     Rhylanor           lost
SC-800 Laashashi  043-1005  040-1007     Tenalphi           lost
SC-889 Pekirni    112-1050  087-1052     Glisten            lost
SC-895 Adasakam   291-1050  200-1052     Rhylanor           in service
SC-902 Lilakhau   001-1068  035-1070     Rhylanor           in service
SC-934 Agirmar    111-1070  067-1072     Glisten            lost
SC-935 Ugkau      111-1070  070-1072     Glisten            in service
SC-936 Kaaluu     111-1070  075-1072     Glisten            lost
SC-941 Iimla      285-1080  142-1082     Tenalphi           lost
SC-942 Misuuad    285-1080  142-1082     Tenalphi           in service
SC-952 Iuar       176-1084  198-1086     Rhylanor           captured / destroyed
SC-953 Ushshande  176-1084  198-1086     Rhylanor           in service
SC-954 Ashagii    176-1084  200-1086     Rhylanor           in service

The Kha class was designed between the Third and Fourth Frontier Wars on the chaotic borders of the Spinward Marches. The design of the ship has made its way back to Core and is among the more devious designs the Vilani keep on hand. The vessel has been used through the sectors of The Spinward Marches, Deneb, Corridor, and Vland.

Strategy and Tactics

Being covert operations vessels, ships of the Kha class bear no tail markings and follow standard transponder code operations during combat. Like all such ships, the process of deploying in-system is similar:
  1. Jump into the target system.
  2. Skim the furthest out gas giant to refuel.
  3. Process the fuel.
  4. Perform the mission.
  5. Leave system.
The primary use for the Missile Turrets are ground support and bombardment. Kha-class Strike Carriers shall be destroyed before being captured, by Imperial decree.