[Review] Pink Lady Apples

No, this is not a gaming post. I'm trying to remember specifics about which kinds of apples I enjoy. Hence, the creation of these posts about various breeds of apple and how they make my mouth feel. You can skip this if you're not into food like I am.

However, the format for this post will mirror other review-style for future posts. Each review will consist of 5 categories, and each category gets a grade from 0 - 20. Total review metric is the summation of all the category's scores. Dig it...

Color - 18 of 20 Pink Lady apples, at my grocer, are some of the more appealing for Color. A solid red color, with a hint of the titular pink of their breed's name. Blushes are caused on apples and peaches by the leaves of the tree blocking sunlight from falling on the skin of the fruit. Interestingly, blushes are more like tan lines. Where the sun touches a pink lady, she gets rosy-red. Lighter patches (typically at the top near the stem of the fruit) range from dull pink to green.

Skin Texture - 16 of 20 My fruit enjoyment is exceptionally affected by Texture. The skin of a Pink Lady is thick, with a clean bite. Once properly washed, there is only the vaguest impression of a natural wax to it. Unlike some fruits, the peel does not contribute to the sour aspects of the apple's taste (as documented later in this post).

Flesh Texture - 19 of 20 The flesh of the Pink Lady is firm (at least at this stage of ripeness), and not too mealy once you start to chew. Having one at hand while this post is being written, I'm also observing that the flesh of the fruit doesn't seem to be diving towards the deep brown bruised color too quickly. For cooking with them, I'd imagine Pink Lady apples would be on the mid-to-high scale for keeping their shape and texture.

Sweetness - 16 of 20 Fruits are, biologically, seed delivery systems. They're designed to fall from the parent plant and rot, their flesh providing the calories the seeds will need to establish themselves in the environment and start their lives as plants. The Pink Lady's flesh tends toward an initial burst of sweetness, then as the fruit is worked over one's palate, the flavor changes and the apple's Sour aspects take over. I've enjoyed sweeter apples, but only in breeds that are aimed for that destination.

Sourness - 18 of 20 As a word of warning, my sour-aesthetic is only moderate. Higher grades in this category mean a medium to stronger-medium sour punch. Pink Ladies seem to be ideal for my taste-buds here. As noted above, after the initial sweet impression and more of the fruit is chewed, the medium-sour effects of this device really shine. The sweet and sour aspects of the fruit never over-power one another. Great marks here!

In Conclusion - 87 total
Awesome apple! I am looking forward to trying Pink Lady apples in some pastries. As a raw snack, they're also pretty high on my list of preferred apple. I know it's odd to have me say this so early in the process of tracking the apple aesthetic, but I'm using my memories of other apples instead of the blog for the judgement call. When we get deeper into the reviewing process, others will probably see my internal strangeness and the patterns thus revealed.

Enjoy your apples!