[Debian GNU/Linux] Epiphany Slowness - solution found!

My tumblr-hosted technical blog appears to have disappeared into the aether, so I'm going to be posting more non-gaming stuff here. If you're into gaming posts only, you'll want to read only the material with the RPGBloggers label. That'll keep you on top of my gaming strangeness.

My laptop runs Debian GNU/Linux. With the latest update, my favorite web-browser Epiphany is slow as a goat on the initial load of a web page from a given domain. Once we get the PAINFULLY SLOW first page loaded up, further requests to that domain load up lickety-split. So, it was looking like a DNS issue...

Tech details after the break!

As it turns out, this is due to the WebKit engine that the Epiphany browser has been ported to. It's wanting to gear-up on IPv6 while my network only groks IPv4.

After making appropriate sacrifices to the Google oracle, it turns out there's a handy way to disable IPv6 in the newer versions of the Debian OS. Once that was addressed, Epiphany turns into the speed-demon it has always been. Fully awesome, all the way down to the bits on the bus. ::airguitar::

Now, one day in the far future, when IPv6 becomes the mainstay of addressing the nodes of the interwebs, I'll go in and re-enable the feature and bask in Debian's awesomeness again. In the meantime, I'll be riding copper using the IPv4 protocol. Hell yeah!