Dwimmers of the Fanhir

The Fanhir have taught their ways for generations in Rhovanion, the vast Wilderlands of eastern Middle-earth. Their name Fanhir means "Cloudmaster" in the tongue of the Sindarin.

Mastery of the Sky and Clouds is the magic they possess and they teach it to few people as they deem their dwimmers secret power that sorcerors would use without wisdom to dominate others.

Few Fanhir are left to pass on their magic. Many died at the end of the Second Age fighting Sauron's dark power. The Third Age still has a few of these secretive wizards left and they still wage war on the Dark Lord.

Here is a short selection of the Fanhir's dwimmers I have created for the Song of Arda One Roll RPG. Hope they inspire you.

Cloud Shifting (2 Points per die)

Fanhir are learned in the ways of the clouds and understand how to manipulate them to create better or worse weather. The Fanhir with this dwimmer can shift the severity of the current weather by one degree. He could make a rain into a thunder storm or a blizzard into a mere heavy snow.

Cloud Shifting U

· Useful: Capacity: Range, Booster +2, Duration +2 (Width hours), Ritual -2, Exhaustion -2

Cloudreader (1 Point per die)

The Fanhir’s of old guard their secrets jealously, but those chosen to study with them learn the ways of the sky. Fanhir is Sindarin for Cloudmaster. This dwimmer allows the caster to “read” his near future in the clouds. The caster can ask the Gamemaster one question with a short phrase or yes or no answer about the coming day’s events. The answers are usually cryptic, but sometimes helpful. The caster must sit under a sky with clouds and ponder them for at least half an hour before an answer comes to him.

Cloudreader U

· Useful: Capacity: Range, Booster +1, Ritual -2

Lightning (2 Points per die)

From his hand or staff, the caster looses a powerful blast of lightning. The bolt ignores physical armor and Dodge is the only defense. Magical defenses can still function against it. The bolt does Width+2 in Shock and Killing with the Electrocuting effect.

Lightning A+2

· Attack: Capacity: Range, Electrocuting +1, Non-Physical +2, Chant & Gestures -1, Direct Feed -2, Exhaustion -2

Rain-ward (1 Point per die)

This minor dwimmer gives great comfort to traveling magicians, granting the caster the ability to keep himself from getting wet in the rain. It doesn’t alter the weather or stop the rain from falling, but somehow no raindrops hit the caster, no matter how strong the storm.

Rain-ward U+1

· Useful: Capacity: Self, Duration +2 (Width+1 hours), Self Only -3, Fatigue -1

Ray of Sunlight (2 Points per die)

The Fanhir despise the denizens of the Other Side and those who use its foul dwimmers, necromancers. To protect themselves and those they work with, the Fanhir have devised this dwimmer to protect against the depradations of the undead. The light burns and distracts the dead, creating Interference Dice for the the protected to use against the attacks and magic of them. As with most magic of the Fanhir, it costs the caster dearly in his personal energy.

Ray of Sunlight D

· Defense: Capacity: Range, Range Capacity +2, Interference +2, Duration +1 (combat), Chants and Gestures -1, Fatigue -1, Exhaustion -2, Against Undead Only -1

Refreshing Breeze (1 Point per die)

The Fanhir of Rhovanion are fond of this simple dwimmer and teach it to their apprentices. The caster calls a brief, but warm and restful, breeze. This wind refreshes those within 30 feet of the caster by reducing their Exhaustion by 1. A person can only benefit from this magic once in a day.

Refreshing Breeze U

· Useful: Capacity: Range, Radius +2, Fatigue -1, Gestures -1, Limited Width -1