[IMCotD] Gygax Ascension Day

(9:21:52 AM) Gerall: Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008)
(9:23:52 AM) Kevin: ah.
(9:24:19 AM) Kevin: that's a friday. I should have that off.
(9:24:29 AM) Kevin: we should game that day. :)
(9:25:18 AM) Kevin: or roll up a 1st ed. ad&d character.
(9:27:03 AM) Gerall: Boss: "What do you need that day off for?"
Gerall: "Gygax Ascension Day..."
(9:28:29 AM) Kevin: yep. good name for it.
(9:28:57 AM) Gerall: we need to create some 1st ed ADnD characters and post them to the blog
(9:29:26 AM) Kevin: sounds good.
(9:50:44 AM) Gerall: i get to play the gnome illusionist!! COLOR SPRAY!!
(9:51:55 AM) Kevin: sounds like after the scourge. true?
(9:52:28 AM) Gerall: i haven't gotten the urge to Gnome it up out of my system yet.
(9:53:01 AM) Kevin: "gnome it up" lol
(9:53:39 AM) Kevin: gnome: verb. To hit a person with a Color Spray.
(9:53:49 AM) Gerall: LOL