[IMCotD] Lord of the Rings Rave

(8:49:07 AM) Gerall: Gandalf the Grey.
(8:49:13 AM) Gerall: Gandalf the White.
(8:49:20 AM) Kelly: grey is there
(8:49:25 AM) Kelly: white.. not yet
(8:49:28 AM) Gerall: Gandalf teh Ultraviolet!!
(8:49:32 AM) Gerall: Raver
(8:49:49 AM) Gerall: Uhhn-tss Uhhn-tss Uhhn-tss Uhhn-tss
(8:49:55 AM) Kelly: ooo, and the ..LOLOL.. treants & the tower would be awesome
(8:50:10 AM) Kelly: holy cow, man
(8:50:13 AM) Gerall: what?
(8:50:43 AM) Kelly: i'm having flashes of sparkly neon body suits, big hair and heels
(8:51:04 AM) Kelly: i blame Mama Mia
(8:51:08 AM) Gerall: don't forget teh Elves! with pacifiers and bodypaint
(8:51:23 AM) Kelly: :blink: